Abstract Submissions

Your valuable contribution makes PARARI the event it is.  We are now accepting submissions of abstracts for a range of presentation types: research papers, technical briefs, workshops/tutorials, product briefs, and poster sessions.

We will be considering all abstracts linked to this year’s theme:

Safe Explosive Ordnance for the Warfighter Through Innovative Technology & Culture

This theme highlights our core belief that safety and operational effectiveness are intrinsically linked.  Explosive Ordnance is a fundamental contributor to capability, and to fulfil that role it must be both safe and effective. 

This year, PARARI is engaging closely with Defence Science and Technology Group to highlight the key role of Energetic Materials Science to EO safety.  Accordingly, the organising committee will welcome energetic materials presentations which would have otherwise been suitable for the Australian Energetic Materials Symposium previously run by the Centre of Expertise in Energetic Materials (CEEM). PARARI is the perfect place to bring together specialist academic research, engineering, and good decision making principles, all focused on explosives safety outcomes.

In case you’re still developing your concept and need more guidance than the theme alone, listed below are some issues which are at the forefront of the minds of the explosives safety community:

  • Novel energetic compositions or novel explosives manufacturing technologies and their application in delivering safe EO to the Warfighter
  • Energetics research supporting explosives safety outcomes
  • Recent advances in explosives safety technologies
  • EO safety risk management and its relationship to operational decision making
  • Understanding cumulative environmental exposure and effect through munitions Health Monitoring and surveillance
  • Explosive Ordnance transportation and storage – domestically and on operations
  • The role of Explosives Training, Education and research in achieving safety outcomes
  • Explosives site safeguarding and encroachment
  • Considering explosives safety during early capability decisions
  • Application of traditional qualification to additively manufactured energetics
  • Safely accelerating the rate of transition from emerging technology to Warfighter solutions 
  • Managing emerging technology disruption in an Explosives Research and Development environment


If you have a concept for a presentation that you’d like to submit, but you’re struggling to draw a strong link to Safe EO for the Warfighter, please get in contact to discuss its suitability and how it can be adapted to fit with our theme.


Presentation Types

Presentation Type Presentation length (including questions) Description Abstract submission requirements Notes Submissions close
Research Paper 25 minutes Scientific/academic paper with deep technical content, based on research or meta-research. Please submit an abstract for consideration by the review panel. On provisional acceptance, you will be asked to submit the complete paper and accompanying presentation for review by an academic panel. If the content of your abstract is not considered sufficient to warrant a ‘research paper’, you may be offered a ‘technical brief’ slot. Abstract submissions close 05 Jul 2019; Paper submissions close 9 Aug 2019
Technical Brief 25 minutes Standard presentation on a technical topic. Please submit an abstract for consideration by the review panel. Full presentation not required until 2 weeks prior to symposium start.   9 Aug 2019
Workshop/Tutorial 1 hr – 3 hrs In depth exploration of a concept related to EO safety. It must include some form of audience participation/engagement. Please submit an abstract for consideration by the review panel.   9 Aug 2019
Product Brief 25 minutes A paid opportunity to present to the Australian EO community on a product or products related to explosive ordnance safety, culture or technology. Please submit an abstract for consideration by the review panel. Cost as per sponsorship prospectus. Limited numbers available. NOTE – product briefs must be accepted before payment can be made. 6 Sep 2019
Poster Session N/A The opportunity to present your concept to the symposium through hanging a poster in the common spaces. There will also be a poster Q&A session to further explore your concept with the community. Please submit an abstract for consideration by the review panel. Successful presenters will be responsible for printing and delivery of their poster to the venue prior to the event. 6 Sep 2019


Abstract Submission Method

Please submit your abstract by sending it to PARARI@defence.gov.au, including ‘PARARI abstract submission’ in the subject line.  Please also include the presentation type, authors name(s), organisation being represented and a brief biography for each presenter.

If we feel that additional information is required to assess the suitability of your submission, we may contact you for clarification or further information.


Accepted Abstract

If your submission is accepted, then your presentation and a long-form abstract for inclusion on the website programme (approx. 400 words) must be submitted by close of business, Monday 14 Oct 2019 (note – not applicable for Product Briefs and Poster Sessions).


Publishing of Abstracts, Presentations and Papers

One of the goals of PARARI is to ensure that the Defence EO Community is informed. To support this goal, the organising committee intend to publish all abstracts, presentations and papers that are included in the PARARI symposium on the PARARI website – this is a condition of submitting an abstract.  Additionally, depending on session, we intend to record video of presentations and publish them through an online portal.  If you do not consent to a video recording of your presentation being uploaded, please let us know when you submit your abstract.



For any inquiries regarding the programme or abstract content, please contact the organising committee at PARARI@defence.gov.au .  For all general symposium inquiries, including sponsorship or product brief payment inquiries, please contact Ms Katherine Watt at the UNSW Capability Systems Centre at capabilitysystems@adfa.edu.au.

Please note: Unless otherwise noted, presenters are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements and associated costs. Registration for the symposium is not included with an accepted proposal.

We look forward to your participation in PARARI Australian Explosive Ordnance Safety Symposium 2019 – Safe EO for the Warfighter Through Innovative Technology & Culture.