Day one will include keynote presentations on strategic, regulatory and technical themes, the delivery of exciting and challenging theatre-based safety culture training by Acting Consulting Training, and a range of technical presentations. Day two will dive into the core of the symposium, with technical briefs, academic papers and product briefs from across the explosives safety community. Day three will offer more technical presentations, as well as a range of workshops and tutorials to cement the cultural and technical offerings at PARARI 2019.

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Day 1

Time Session Location
08:00–09:00 Delegate registration & networking time Adams Auditorium 1
09:00–09:05 Opening introduction
Colonel Arthur Tsamis, Director Ordnance Safey
Adams Auditorium 1
09:05–09:40 Opening keynote
Air Marshall Warren McDonald,
AM, CSC, Chief of Joint Capabilities
Adams Auditorium 1
09:40–10:20 Energetic Materials Keynote
Dr Alfred G. Stern,
Chief Scientist for Energetic Materials, Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division
Adams Auditorium 1
10:20–10:55 Morning tea Adams Auditorium 1
10:55–11:35 US Regulator Keynote
Mr Thierry Chiapello,
Executive Director, US Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board
Adams Auditorium 1
11:35–12:35 Space Shuttle 1
Acting Consulting Training Australia
Adams Auditorium 1
12:35–13:35 Lunch Adams Auditorium 1
13:35–14:35 Space Shuttle 1
Acting Consulting Training Australia
Adams Auditorium 1
14:35–14:45 Movement break Adams Auditorium 1
14:45–15:45 Session 1 - Parallel Sessions Various
15:45–16:20 Morning tea Adams Auditorium 1
16:20–16:50 Session 2 - Parallel Sessions Various
Welcome drinks  

Session 1

Session 1A
Energetic Materials Science
Chair: Dr Ian Powell
Adams Auditorium 1

Session 1B
Safety and Suitability for Service
Chair: CAPT Nigel Smith, RAN
Adams Auditorium 2

Session 1C
EO Depots
Chair: Mr Martijn van der Voort
Lecture Theatre South - LT1
Thermite additive manufacturing feedstocks: improvements to safety and handling as compared to traditional thermite preparations
La Vars et al, DST Group
Evolving S3 Process and Practice in EMB
Tilbrook & White, EMB
Modernising NZDF's Ammunition Facilities - Challenges and lessons Learnt
Beckman, NZ Defence Munitions Management Group
Next Generation Munitions: Nano Propellants for 3D Printing
Provatas & Stephenson, DST Group
Lessons Learnt from Uncommanded Marine Marker Activation – A Case Study
Robertson, DOS
Management of Contractor Operations in the Explosives Enterprise Landscape
Bigej & Robertson, DDESB

Session 2

  Session 2A
Australian-manufactured Ordnance
Chair: COL Paul Smith
Adams Auditorium 1
Session 2B
Risk management
Chair: Mr Craig Fallshaw
Adams Auditorium 2

Session 2C
Facilities and Contractor Operations
Chair: CAPT Jacqui King, RAN
Lecture Theatre South - LT1

An Overview of Warhead Initiation and Reliability Testing
Ashcroft & Bird, EMB
Understanding the application of human
factors in process safety
Kerin, IChemE
Building Sustainable (SMS) Models for the Future Operation of Defence Manufacturing Facilities - Planning a SMS for agile sustainment activities on a single-user facility
Warrender, NIOA
Modelling of BLU Warhead Initiation
Lu & Ashcroft, DST Group
Managing Ordnance Munitions Explosives (OME) Risk When the Normal Rules Do Not Fit
MacNaught, Defence Safety Authority, UK
Construction Projects at Active EO Depots
Nothdurft, Thales Australia



Day 2

Time Session Location
08:00–09:00 Networking time Adams Auditorium 1
09:00–09:30 Day 2 Opening Keynote
Colonel Arthur Tsamis, Director Ordnance Safety
Adams Auditorium 1
09:30–09:40 Movement break
Adams Auditorium 1
09:40–10:40 Session 3 - Parallel sessions Various
10:40–11:20 Morning tea Adams Auditorium 1
11:20–12:50 Session 4 - Parallel sessions Various
12:50–13:50 Lunch
Poster session
Adams Auditorium 1
13:50–14:50 Day 2 Strategic Keynote and Q&A Session
Dr Malcolm Davis, Australian Strategic Policy Institute
14:50–15:20 Afternoon tea Adams Auditorium 1
15:20–16:50 Session 5 - Parallel sessions Various
19:00–22:30 Symposium dinner ANZAC Hall
Australian War Memorial

Session 3

  Session 3A
Lifecycle Threats and Surveillance
Chair: Mr Bob MacNaught
Adams Auditorium 1
Session 3B
Rocket motor manufacturing & Blast
Chair: Mr Matt Ferran
Adams Auditorium 2
Session 3C
Surveillance and WO Health Monitoring
Chair: WGCDR Simon Bird
Lecture Theatre South - LT1
Overview of Personnel-Borne Electrostatic Discharge Parameters to Aid in the Assessment of Electro-Explosive Hazards
Neethling, EMB
The Australian National Facility for Physical Blast Simulation: Performance characterisation and applications
Remennikov, University of Wollongong
Update on the EO Safety and Reliability Program
O'Rourke & Dawson, EMB
Surveillance Testing of EO; when is the True Time of Failure?
Wilcock, EMB
Rocket Propellant Comparison: Traditional Planetary Mixing and Resonant Acoustic Mixing
Smith et al, DST Group
CAD/PAD Digital Twin Program Overview

Session 4

  Session 4A
Energetics Toxicity and Health
Chair: Dr John Reid
Adams Auditorium 1
Session 4B
Chair: Dr Greg Wilcock
Adams Auditorium 2
Session 4C
Fuzing Technology
Chair: Dr Brian Fuchs
Lecture Theatre South - LT1
Determining emission products to which personnel may be exposed, when firing ammunition
Van Hulst, TNO
Safe Blast Emulation
Williams, Layer 3 Services
Case study: 155mm Fuze Non-Compliance with Design Standards – Outcomes and Lessons Learnt
Harradine, EMB
Identifying and Controlling Potential Environmental Impacts of Explosive Ordnance - An Australian Perspective
Alder, EMB
Blast Hazards in Risky Situations
Stewart, University of Newcastle
New S&A and Initiation Technologies For Safer and More Effective Munitions
Perrin, Junghans Defence
Shell Shock: Understanding The Link Between Shock Event Cavitation Injury, Post Traumatic Stress  (PTS) And Other Neurodegenerative Disorders
Schmied & Brooks, LAR
TNT and Blast Equivalency Characterization of Energetic Materials
van der Voort, MSIAC
Capability Development of Fuze Interrupter Effectiveness Testing within Australia
Smith-Roberts, DOS & JPEU

Session 5

  Session 5A
Regulation and Enterprise
Chair: Mr Lyndon Tilbrook
Adams Auditorium 1
Session 5B
Insensitive Munitions
Chair: Dr Ian Lochert
Adams Auditorium 2
Session 5C
Surveillance and EO Health Monitoring cont'd
Chair: CMDR Chris McGregor
Lecture Theatre South - LT1
Explosives Act Thematic Review
Potter, EOB
New Thermobaric Lining and Venting Integration for Enhanced IM and Lethal Performance
Garfield, NAWCWD - CL
Optimisation of Rocket Motor Surveillance
Lorenzin et al, DST Group
Enforcement, How To Get It Right - A Methodology
Gillstroem McLean, Defence Safety Authority, UK
IM Technologies Developmental Transitions
Fuchs, US Army CCDC ARC
State of the Art about the Use of Data Loggers in Munitions Health Management
Ferran, MSIAC
Explosive Ordnance Program Looking Forward
Perry, EOB
NATO AC326 work to update IM Test Standards
Tomasello, USN 
RuBee Real-World Trial
Seccombe & White, Thales Australia & EMB

Day 3

Time Session Location
08:00–09:00 Networking time  
09:00–09:35 Day 3 Opening Keynote
Brigadier Haydn Kohl, Director General Explosive Materiel
09:35–10:05 Morning tea  
10:05–12:05 Session 6 - Parallel sessions  
12:05–13:05 Lunch
Poster session
13:05–14:35 Session 7 - Parallel sessions  
14:35–15:05 Afternoon tea  
15:05–15:35 Closing Keynote
Air Commodore Wade Evans, Director General Explosive Ordnance
15:35 Symposium close  

Session 6

Session 6A
Adams Auditorium 1
Session 6B
Adams Auditorium 2
Session 6C
Lecture Theatre South - LT1
Session 6D
Energetic materials science cont'd
Chair: Dr John Reid
Lecture Theatre South - LT2
Safety Assurance for the Warfighter
Bennet et al, EMB
Networking time Networking time Novel Pyrotechnic Compositions for Pyrotechnically-Pumped Lasers
Kuznetsov, DST Group
Global Harmonization System (GHS) Chapter 2.1 “Explosives” Current Revision Initiative at the United Nations (UN)
Ford, SMS
Effects of Slow Cook-Off Heating Rates on Reaction Severity
Robinson, NAWCWD - CL
Defence Explosives Safety Regulatory Framework - Focusing on the Safety Outcome
King, DOS
Cubanes as fuels for spectrally matched infrared countermeasures
Dallaston, UQ
Application of Graphene Oxide with Energetic Materials
Chen, UQ

Session 7

  Session 7A
Adams Auditorium 1
Session 7B
Adams Auditorium 2
Session 7C
Lecture Theatre South - LT1
Session 7D
Energetic materials science cont'd
Chair: CAPT Nigel Smith, RAN
Lecture Theatre South - LT2
RADHAZ to Ordnance Assessment - EED Characterisation to Safe Separation
Neethling, EMB
Spotlight on Safety
Acting Consulting Training Australia
EO Health Monitoring
O'Rourke, EMB
Applied Weapon Vibration Expertise in Support of Aerospace Explosive Ordnance Safety
Conser & Olorenshaw, DST Group
Fragmentation from Detonations and Less Violent Munition Responses
van der Voort, MSIAC