SPACE SHUTTLE and the Spotlight on Safety Workshop, presented by Acting Consulting Training Australia

The Innovation of Industrial Theatre returns to PARARI 2019 with SPACE SHUTTLE vignettes during DAY 1 and SPOTLIGHT ON SAFETY WORKSHOP DAY 3

Breaking unique territory with the presentation of NIMROD in 2017, ACT AUSTRALIA and AKT PRODUCTIONS UK bring their expertise in theatre, education and aviation psychology to PARARI 2019. Just as today, engineers were pushing the boundaries of technology during the 30 years of the remarkably successful NASA Shuttle programme, with over 135 successful launches and 1323 days of mission time.

SPACE SHUTTLE follows the NASA Space shuttle programme from 1968-2003, analysing design and procurement decisions, the challenges, and the changing, conflicting demands that sowed the seeds leading to the loss of both Challenger and Columbia. SPACE SHUTTLE explores the legacy of lessons to be learned including the investigation into Columbia that discovered the astronauts might, in fact, have been saved.

The Australian Premiere of SPACE SHUTTLE is both compelling and constructive.