UNSW Canberra

The Quantum Science, Engineering and Technology Conference (qSET) aims to bring together leading experts and students in the fields of quantum science, engineering and technology to present their best research and share their knowledge, in the form of plenary talks, keynote talks, invited talks, posters and pre-conference workshops.

The conference covers a broad range of topics within quantum science and technology, including quantum computation, quantum communication, quantum control, quantum engineering, quantum sensing, quantum simulation and quantum navigation.

The first conference will take place in Canberra, Australia, 8-11 April 2019. Attendees are strongly encouraged to complete their registration at their earliest convenience. Participants are welcome to submit poster abstracts for reviewing and are also welcome to organize half-day or one-day pre-conference workshops (on 8 April 2019). 

This site will be regularly updated. For all enquiries please contact local qSET 2019 organizers.

Email: qset2019@gmail.com