The qSET conference will run several poster sessions. Attendees are welcome to submit poster abstracts via

Each poster abstract should not exceed a half A4 page and should include the following information:

  • title
  • author list
  • author affiliation
  • abstract

Once the poster abstract is received, it will be reviewed by one or two members of the organising committee. An email indicating acceptance or rejection will be sent once the review process is completed. 


Pre-conference workshops

The qSET conference also welcomes attendees to organise half-day or one-day pre-conference workshops on 8 April 2019.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop, please send a proposal with topics, potential speakers and expected support to the conference organisers via

If the workshop proposal is approved by the conference organising committee, the committee will endeavour to accommodate the expected needs including venue and morning/afternoon tea.