Stars in Canberra Workshop poster

In the era of time-domain astrophysics and gravitational waves, a rejuvenated interest in stellar astrophysics is on the rise. After the success of Stars in Sydney in 2017, the Stars in Canberra workshop will once again bring together theorists and observers from different research areas of stellar astronomy in Australia. The invited and contributed talks will showcase the diversity of stellar research and will allow participants to connect their research to that of collaborators-to-be. While stellar research has not been the main emphasis of Australian astronomy, today the interest in stars is clearly articulated in two of the main five goals of the Decadal Survey (2016-2025). We are therefore committed to foster the opportunity for people to come together and tackle those questions successfully. 

Stars in Canberra will be held from Wednesday the 28th to Friday the 30th of November 2018

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