Location all days: Lecture Theatre South (Building 30), LT3

Wednesday afternoon will be focused on teaching ideas that our colleagues find do or do not work in teaching stellar structure and stellar evolution. Participants are encouraged to bring along ideas and questions about teaching astronomy, in particular stellar astrophysics. Thursday and Friday will be for science talks. 

Wednesday 28 November - Teaching-focused sessions

1.00 - 2.15 Teaching practices. Speakers: M. Ashley and S. Martell + discussion 
2.15 - 2.45 Coffee break
2.45 - 4.00 Teaching practices. Speakers: O. De Marco + discussion
4.15 Pick up and drop off to Mercure Canberra hotel 
evening Mt. Ainslie bushwalk (pending weather - bring a flashlight/torch!)


Thursday 29 November - Science workshop (Invited talks in bold)

9.20 Pick up from Mercure Canberra hotel 
10.00 Lorenzo Spina (Monash): Unveiling chemical signatures of planetary systems in solar-twin stars
10.30 Simon Murphy (USyd): Pulsating Stars in Binaries
10.50 Donna Burton (USQ): The Impact of Coronal Mass Ejections and Prominences on the Habitability of Planets
11.10 Dennis Stello (UNSW SYD): Massive or not massive that is the question
11.30 - 11.50 Coffee break
11.50  Andrew Casey (Monash): Inferring stellar multiplicity from noise
12.20 Sarah Martell (UNSW SYD): Studying stellar interiors through spectro-seismology
12.40  Margaret Streamer (ANU): A Window into Delta Sct stellar interiors using eclipsing binary systems
1.00 - 2.00 Lunch provided on site
2.00  Gayandhi De Silva (AAO/MQ): Open clusters and moving groups in the GALAH Survey
2.30 Rami Alsaberi (UWSyd): Discovery of a Pulsar-powered Bow Shock Nebula in the SMC Supernova Remnant DEM S5
2.50 Timothy White (ANU): Interferometry and asteroseismology of benchmark stars
3.10 Bernhard Mueller (Monash): Neutron Star Birth Properties from 3D Supernova Models
3.30 - 3.50 Coffee break
3.50  Tho Do Duy (UNSW CBR): Crystalline silicates in the ISM and very early phases of star formation
4.10 Jeremy Bailey (UNSW SYD): Reflected Light from Stars
4.30 Giovanna Zanardo (ICRAR): The Search for the Compact Object in the Remnant of Supernova 1987A
5.15 Pick up and drop off to Mercure Canberra Hotel
7.00 Conference dinner at Olims in the Mercure Canberra Hotel (Buffet will open by 7:30 pm)


Friday 30 November - Science workshop (Invited talks in bold)

9.00 Pick up from Mercure Canberra hotel (Note earlier time than Thursday)! 
9.30 Devika Kamath (MQ): Evolved stars as tracers of the origin of elements
10.00 Daniel Gay (Monash): Modelling of Low-Mass Core-Collapse Supernovae Spectra and Light Curves
10.20 Thomas Nordlander (ANU): 3D non-LTE abundances in late-type stars
10.50 Stephen Marsden (USQ): The BCool project: Mapping the magnetic fields of cool stars
11.10 - 11.30 Coffee break
11.30  Gary Da Costa (ANU): Carbon abundances for SkyMapper Extremely Metal-Poor (EMP) Star Candidates
11.50 Luca Casagrande (ANU): Stellar population studies with solar like-oscillators
12.20 Chengyuan Li (MQ): Extended main-sequence turnoff in young star clusters, the mystery expands
12.40 - 1.40 Lunch provided on site
1.40  Daniel Cotton (UNSW SYD): Stellar Atmosphere Polarimetry
2.10 Anais Moller (ANU): SupeRNNova, a fast and accurate photometric light-curve classifier
2.30 Daniel Hey (USyd): Rapid Oscillators in the Kepler Field
2.50 Simon Murphy (UNSW CBR): A rare, young M3+M5 eclipsing binary in the 32 Ori Moving Group
3.10 Conclusion of Workshop