The first TEMPER workshop on Training Enhancement and Military PERformance

The Values in Defence and Security Technology group (VDST) invites researchers and professional practitioners to submit abstracts to the inaugural TEMPER workshop on cognitive enhancement and human performance in military training, that will be held on 13-14 February 2020 at University of New South Wales at Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra.

TEMPER is an interdisciplinary workshop designed to transfer scientific expertise, training & preparation methods, and technological know-how among academics and experts working for the military and the sports industry. Ever since the creation of the Olympic Games by the ancient Greeks, athletic contest has represented an arena in which the warfighter’s virtues could be tested in time of peace. Inspired by the deep analogies between athletic and military training, our interdisciplinary workshop will bring military scholars and sport scientists (broadly construed) together in order to cultivate collaborations and share expertise. World-renowned experts will participate in the first TEMPER workshop to discuss the role played by psychological preparation, training methods, and cognitive-enhancement technologies for modeling, monitoring, and augmenting skillful performance on the sport field and the battlefield. As excellence in military training importantly draws on psychological methods, sophisticated cognitive models, and technological innovations, the workshop focuses on the improvement of the warfighter’s skills and cognitive abilities through training, exercise, and augmentation.

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