Continuously tuneable wavelength-measurement technology for optical DWDM communication systems

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A/Prof Charles Harb (

Description of Work: 


This project is designed to address the needs for the next generation of tuneable optical wavelength sources for optical telecommunications, biotechnology, antiterrorism, and medical diagnostics. We propose to develop a simple, accurate, extremely fast, low cost, and compact wavelength meter for use with tuneable lasers. The proposed system will increase the speed for testing tuneable lasers – by factors of thousands (or millions). If successful, this technology can replace large, bulky wavemeters and optical spectrum analysers with compact, fast modules. It tunes tuneable lasers more precisely, diagnoses DWDM channels more economically, and provides tuneable intelligence for optical telecommunications.

Description of Work:

  • Design and build the wavelength locking system;
  • Design and build the detection and modulation/demodulation systems;
  • Make measurements at different wavelengths, and catalogue the data;
  • Investigate digital signal processing techniques that compare the data with an unknown wavelength.