Cyber Security Bootcamp

This is a 101 IT cyber security short course designed to teach you about IT security issues, looking at the types of attacks that are happening now, how they work and how to protect yourself and your organisation against them.


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The course is centred around the crucial and relevant cyber security skills and techniques needed to protect and defend your organisation’s business assets and information systems.

Training is delivered in a boot-camp style format and with integrated hands-on lab exercises designed to give you the chance to test your newly acquired skills.

Course Content

  • Overview of Computer Science/IT
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Cyber Security Knowledge Domains
  • Roles of cyber security professionals
  • Cyber Security Threat Modelling
  • Real world case studies
  • Information resources for staying current


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Learning Outcomes

Skills/competencies/knowledge that would be gained through this course:

  • Understand the cyber threats and vulnerabilities of computer networks, protocols, applications and network equipment.
  • Understand how cyber professionals apply cyber security frameworks to defend against threats and manage risks.
  • Understand common attack vectors, different classes of attacks and types of cyber attackers.
  • Understand how cryptography works to protect information
  • Understand the role of professionalism and ethical conduct and its ramifications on working relationships and society.
  • Understand future trends in the cyberspace that can increase risk and understand how professionals can plan for currently understood future threats.
  • Understand the role of key industry frameworks (in particular, NIST CSF, ISO 27001 and (ISC)² frameworks in cyber security.
  • Use Linux command line tools to determine network content, passwords and vulnerabilities.

Who should attend

This is an entry level course for potential cyber security professionals or for those managing and leading cyber security professionals. The course assumes participants are competent computer users and assumes no Cyber Security knowledge.



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