Cyber security in China and the balance of power


China has established a global reputation for cyber attack, but how good is it at cyber defence?

UNSW Canberra Cyber Professor Greg Austin explores this question in his most recent book, which formed the basis of a UNSW Canberra seminar on Thursday.

Cybersecurity in China: The Next Wave offers the first benchmarking study of China’s response to the problems of its own security in cyber space.

“This book challenges popular impressions of China as a powerful cyber actor,” Professor Austin says.

“This book shows how weakly developed China remains in the cyber defence mission relative to countries like the United States.”

Professor Austin is a world-leading authority on national security and cyber power. He has consulted for the UK and Australian governments, and the European Commission, on international security issues.

The publication follows Professor Austin’s 2014 book Cyber Policy in China, which was the first comprehensive analysis of China’s ambitions for an information society.

Cybersecurity in China and the Balance of Power was the first in a seminar series entitled Australia and Cyber War: Civil and Military Planning. The seminars will take place on the last Thursday of each month.

Other scheduled seminars in this series include: Strategic Culture and Cyber War, Data as a Military Objective and Diplomacy for Cyber Space Affairs.