Master of Cyber Security, Strategy and Diplomacy (8631)

full-time equivalent
S1 & S2

The Master of Cyber Security, Strategy and Diplomacy is a postgraduate award offered by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. It is designed for postgraduate scholars and professional managers with appropriate undergraduate qualifications and/or professional experience in the Social Sciences, Humanities or Information Sciences.
The Master of Cyber Security, Strategy and Diplomacy provides advanced interdisciplinary study into the political, military, diplomatic and higher level management aspects of issues where cyber security, strategy and diplomacy interact. It is intended for students in the diplomatic, defence, justice, public safety, regulatory, management and information sciences. Governments, enterprises, communities and civil society around the world are grappling with strategy and regulation for the new domain of cyberspace, at the same time as their security and other interests are being transformed by the rapid pace of information technology exploitation -- both for beneficial and for malicious purposes. It is widely accepted that the threats in cyber space are escalating while responses to mitigate them are not able to keep up. This program will provide students with the ability to understand the main policy, operational, ethical and informational challenges for security thrown up by the integration or penetration of advanced information technologies into all spheres of human activity.

Postgraduate Coordinator:

Dr Lindy Edwards

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Ph: (02) 5114 5275

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