Economics and Management (PhD) - 1541

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Program Description

The Doctor of Philosophy in Economics and Management degree is formal recognition of successful research experience. The candidate must make a distinct and original contribution to knowledge. Considerably more original work is required for a Doctorate than for a Masters research degree. The nature and level of supervision will evolve over the duration of the candidature. The work will be more closely supervised in the early stages. In the later stages, however, the candidate must be allowed increasing scope to exercise initiatives and demonstrate originality.

In the latter part of the program the candidate should be able to work alone and be guided rather than directed by the supervisor. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy requires a minimum of three years full-time study and preparation of a thesis. The length of a doctoral thesis normally should not exceed 100,000 words of text.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree encourages initiative and originality in research. Students will make a significant contribution to knowledge in their field and will be competent to carry out research in their chosen area.

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