Aeronautical Engineering (Hon)

full-time equivalent
Additional selection criteria: 
Defence Force Recruiting process
Assumed knowledge: 
Mathematics and Physics

Discover where a UNSW Canberra Aeronautical Engineering degree could take your Defence career.

As an Air Force graduate you may be involved in the operation and maintenance of aircraft and then become responsible for the airworthiness and modification of aircraft and engines, or the acquisition and introduction of new equipment into the Service.

As an Army graduate you may be involved in the maintenance and repair of the Army’s rapidly growing fleet of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft

As a Navy graduate you will be required for maintenance and repair, modifications, operational deployments and airworthiness of Navy’s fleet of rotary wing aircraft.

Aeronautical Engineering is the study of the design, development, manufacture, maintenance and control of machines or vehicles operating in the earth’s atmosphere or outer space.

The UNSW Canberra Aeronautical Engineering degree has been designed to meet the needs of the Australian Defence Force as Australia’s largest aircraft operator and covers the design, reliability and maintenance of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. You will have access to purpose built technical workshops and be “hands on” in the design and manufacture of plant and equipment.

Key features:

– UNSW Canberra is the only Australian Engineering School to equip engineering students with vocational level competencies, providing a practical foundation for professional Engineers.

– UNSW Canberra has purpose built workshops and facilities, with dedicated workspaces, workshop tools, machines and welding equipment.

– UNSW Canberra has the best university teacher-to-student ratio in Australia.


Undergraduate Discipline Coordinator (Aero):
Dr Jong-Leng Liow
Undergraduate Student Enquiries:
Ph: (02) 5114 5247