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A UNSW Canberra Bachelor of Arts degree gives you strong written and oral communication skills, the capacity to research, think critically and the ability to work independently and collaboratively - all essential attributes of effective leaders in the Australian Defence Force.

The Bachelor of Arts degree enriches your understanding of how human beings make, and debate life’s meaning and values. Students develop their capacity for critical analysis and argument as well as an awareness of the value of language as a political, intellectual, creative and communicative tool.

The diverse range of courses and electives form pathways for majors in:

The study of business explores key management skills and gives a sophisticated knowledge of strategy, leadership and other managerial concepts through the study of economics, accounting, management and human resources.

English and Media Studies
How does language persuade and move us? How does culture respond to or imagine war? Students complete their studies in English with a sophisticated knowledge of both the world’s literary heritage and their own contemporary culture, from the classical heroic epics to contemporary social media.

Geography is the study of both the physical and human environments in which we live and the interactions between people and nature. Geography provides a bridge between the social and natural sciences and gives students the techniques to analyse our environment and society, including using Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.

History seeks to understand individual and group behaviour and to explain the forces that have shaped human civilisation: social change, wars, revolutions and popular movements. Historical analysis examines the relationships between past events and the present. The student of history learns how to assimilate and weigh evidence, analyse problems and balance different points of view in the context of the past and of the present.

Indonesian Studies
Indonesia is one of Australia’s most important neighbouring countries. Indonesian Studies gives you the ability to read, write, speak and understand standard Indonesian, and will also give you a broad understanding of Indonesian society and culture. No prior Indonesian knowledge is required.

International and Political Studies (IPS)
IPS involves the study of power and norms in a rapidly changing global environment. It covers the major factors, ideas and key issues of domestic, regional and global politics, international relations and ethical thought, all of which have a profound impact on Australia’s national security and its place in the world.

Key features:

– You have a choice of majors within a BA degree.

– UNSW Canberra’s Academy Library Special Collections are of national significance, including over 300 manuscript collections, 13,000 rare items and the papers of former Prime Minister John Howard.

– UNSW Canberra has the best university teacher-to-student ratio in Australia.


Undergraduate Coordinator (Arts):
Dr Richard Dunley
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Ph: (02) 5114 5275