Denis Naughton

Space Instrument Systems Engineer
ADFA Administrative


Conference Papers
Versteegen J; Jia X; Naughton D; Pickering M; Tuttle S, 2018, 'On Payload Spatial and Spectral Resolutions for Automatic Ship Detection in Satellite Images', in 5th International Workshop on Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Applications, EORSA 2018 - Proceedings,
Chandrasekara RCMRB; Bedington R; Bai X; Ilangovan K; Sean YY; Naughton D; Barraclough S; Griffin D; Boyce R; Ling A, 2017, 'Demonstrating miniaturised, entangled photon-pair sources on board nano satellites to enable future QKD missions', in Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC, pp. 5051 - 5055
Journal articles
Naughton DP; Bedington R; Barraclough S; Islam T; Griffin D; Smith B; Kurtz J; Alenin A; Vaughn I; Ramana A; Dimitrijevic I; Tang ZS; Kurtsiefer C; Ling A; Boyce R, 2019, 'Design considerations for an optical link supporting intersatellite quantum key distribution', Optical Engineering, vol. 58,
Organisational units
lensSchool of Engineering & Information Technology
lensSpace Research