DSARG Research

A proper marriage between AI’s intelligence quotient and human’s emotional quotient to harness technological advancements

We are a globally renowned, prosperous, research-intensive institution that ranks #1 in Australia for research excellence and impact. Our research contributes to the defence supply chain management and other non-defence areas. Smart healthcare analytics, digitalised project management framework, and advanced biofuel supply chain network are a few of those notable non-defence research areas. Our research spans locally and globally, with strong ties between academics and practitioners. We are proud of our community of world-class researchers who constantly deliver excellent research. With well-developed international connections, study programmes, and state-of-the-art research facilities, UNSW Canberra supports an exceptional research environment that produces ground-breaking discoveries that help revolutionise industry and government.

Drawing from a range of skillsets and research specialties, the team has explored various technology decision-making approaches by integrating methodologies related to artificial intelligence and evolutionary algorithms, such as swarm intelligence and nature-inspired meta-heuristic approaches, and information systems for example, influence maximisation. This research group has five key research priority areas:

  1. Data-driven Project Portfolio Management
  2. Digital Transformation Towards Integration
  3. Sustainable and Resilience Supply Chain and Logistics
  4. Socio-economic Systems/Complex Systems
  5. Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making
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Data-driven Project Portfolio Management

"Dynamic scheduling" or "integrated project management and control" are two terms used in academic literature to describe data-driven project portfolio management. It is a project management approach for planning, monitoring, and controlling ongoing projects so that they may be delivered to the client on time and on budget.

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Digital Transformation Towards Integration

The application of digital capabilities to processes, goods, and assets to improve efficiency, provide customer value, manage risk, and navigate through new income creation opportunities is known as digital transformation. This is a worldwide transition that necessitates the adoption of digital technology for both internal and external activities, including sales, marketing, and support.

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Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chain and Logistics Network

Why is Supply Chain Resilience important? Amid this post-pandemic era, supply chain networks (SCN) are more vulnerable to possible disruptions such as market swings, demand instability, and increasingly frequent natural and man-made calamities. These occurrences mostly have a negative impact on SCN operations and jeopardise its ability to conduct effective and efficient operations.

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Socio-economic Systems/Complex Systems

Network science is a relatively young academic subject that investigates complex systems represented as networks or graphs, with nodes representing separate entities and links or edges representing relationships between them. Graph theory from mathematics, social structure from sociology, statistical mechanics from physics, data mining and information visualisation from computer science, and inferential modelling from statistics are all used in this discipline.

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Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making

Notably, advancements in computing power and the requisite for real-time prediction and decision-making by analysing large-scale data have caused AI proliferation in the last few decades, which are very few in the supply chain and project management domains.

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