DSARG Services

A proper marriage between AI’s intelligence quotient and human’s emotional quotient to harness technological advancements

The Decision Support and Analytics Research Group (DSARG) at UNSW Canberra provides cutting-edge research to generate new knowledge on how different AI-based approaches can be applied successfully to ensure the resilience of a complex system. We aim to collaborate with our organisation in every sector and at any step of the life cycle, should that be considered a system engineering life cycle. Our contribution and involvement can emerge from the exploratory phase (when needs and requirements are defined) to the implementation phase (when utilising the designed integrated intelligent decision support system tool). We also provide a full range of education and training services.

Research & Customised Solutions

The Decision Support and Analytics Research Group offers a plethora of research specialists that can assist you in designing a solution to the genuine difficulties you and your organisation face. Considering our well-crafted five research priority areas, we can offer a multi-faceted research experience by tailoring your and your organisation’s needs. Besides defence-related problems, we can deal with different non-defence problems, such as smart healthcare analytics, biofuel supply chain, smart waste management, disaster management, business process reengineering, etc. Clients frequently have no idea what form this development or intervention will take, and we are pleased to collaborate with you to find a solution that works for you. We may create a customised deal for you based on a mix of the following activities:

  • research 
  • education 
  • training and development 
  • customised consultancy
  • end-user involvement
  • field survey
  • user-led participatory approaches 
  • seminars, symposiums and conferences 
  • community consultations 
  • workshops 
  • study tours

Our skilled academics are happy to discuss with you to ensure that we develop a workable solution for you that fits your need and budget. For further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team leader at r.chakrabortty@unsw.edu.au.

Education & Training

The Decision Support and Analytics Research Group is well-aware that research alone will not transform practice. Therefore, proper education and training are important to help individuals and organisations transfer experience, skills, and knowledge between academia and the industry sector. We can put together a solution for you that draws on our cutting-edge research and reflects the possibilities or problems you may have, whether trying to increase your skills or alter your organisation. We offer a few extremely relevant and practical professional education courses run both online and offline (i.e., face to face, usually arranged in the UNSW Canberra City campus). If you would like more information on training and education possibilities for your organisation, please get in touch with the team leader at r.chakrabortty@unsw.edu.au

Our postgraduate coursework programs are open to qualified applicants from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

UNSW Canberra offers a variety of short courses that cater for a wide range of needs for both Defence and non-Defence attendees.