Emotional linguistic cues to play games

Program Code: 

Prof Hussein Abbass (h.abbass@adfa.edu.au)

Description of Work: 


A true gaming experience occurs when the human becomes situated and embodied within the game. Integrating the human emotion in a game would engage the human and improve the game experience. This project will build a model to extract linguistic cues that capture human emotion and integrate these cues in an intelligent manner within a game. The project will develop an artificial intelligence model to extract and integrate these cues within a game.

Expected Background Knowledge:

  • Good programming skills
  • Good knowledge of signal and speech processing
  • Ability to learn or good understanding of cognitive linguistics

Description of work:

  • A literature review of models for human emotion • A literature review of linguistic cues for human emotion
  • Creating an artificial intelligence model to extract emotion-based linguistic cues
  • Creating an artificial intelligence model to integrate the extracted cues with a gaming environment
  • Testing the system.