Evaluation algorithms for future air traffic concepts

Program Code: 

Prof Hussein Abbass (h.abbass@adfa.edu.au)

Description of Work: 


The Air Traffic Environment is changing, with many exciting concepts being introduced across the globe. Evaluating these concepts require a modelling and simulation environment and algorithms to identify any problems quickly and efficiently. The group developed efficient simulation environment for this purpose, as well as evaluation algorithms. This project will extend this work with producing novel algorithms for the evaluation that are better than the existing ones.

Expected Background Knowledge:

  • Knowledge or demonstrated ability to do programming in parallel high- September 2014 41 performance computing environment using C or JAVA
  • Good knowledge of stochastic processes

Description of work:

  • A literature review of evaluation algorithms, Monte Carlo Simulation, Sampling Techniques, and others
  • Creating a new algorithm that is fast and scalable for massive search spaces
  • Testing the new algorithm