Conflict & Society Seminar 7

Join us for ‘‘Mapping the Politics of Place and Redemption in Veterans’ Returns to Vietnam"

Image Caption: Return to Vietnam: Mapping American and Australian Veterans’ Journeys

Image credit: Created by Emily Fitzgerald, Daniel Russo-Batterham, and Mia Martin Hobbs.


Since the 1980s, Australian and American Vietnam veterans have returned to Viet Nam in search of resolution over ‘their’ war. Drawing on oral histories, Dr Mia Martin Hobbs shows in this webinar how returnees attempted to redeem the social as well military effects of ‘their’ war.

Using a new spatial-temporal digital mapping technique to highlight the geographic relationships between veterans’ wartime tours and return journeys, Mia locates three themes in return journeys – addressing war legacies, winning hearts and minds, and romantic relationships – showing that each was a reaction to specific wartime conduct. Through these redemption acts, returnees found a measure of peace in Viet Nam.

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Meet the speaker:

Dr Mia Martin Hobbs

Dr Mia Martin Hobbs

Dr Mia Martin Hobbs is an oral historian of war and conflict. She has published research in Australian Journal of Politics and History and Oral History Review and commentary in The Conversation and Australian Policy & History. Her book, Return to Vietnam: An Oral History of American and Australian Veterans’ Journeys, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2021. Mia is now undertaking a second transnational oral history project with women and minorities who served in the British, American, and Australian militaries in the War on Terror. She is currently a research fellow at Deakin University.