The Long Road Ahead Seminar 4

“Smart Traffic Control for the Era of Autonomous Driving”

Image Caption: an intelligent self-driving vehicle, according to MidJourney AI

Image Credit: Max Cappuccio and MidJourney


Over the last decade, the research on autonomous vehicles (AVs) has made revolutionary progress, which brings us hope of safer, more convenient, and more efficient means of transportation. Most significantly, the advance of artificial intelligence (AI), especially machine learning, allows a self-driving car to learn and adapt to complex road situations with millions of accumulated driving hours, which are way higher than any experienced human driver can reach. However, autonomous vehicles on roads also introduce new challenges to traffic management, especially when we allow them to travel mixed with human driving vehicles. New theories for better understanding of the new era of transportation and new technologies for smart roadside infrastructures and intelligent traffic control are crucial for development and deployment of autonomous vehicles. This presentation will discuss some of these challenges, especially the social aspects of autonomous driving, including interaction between autonomous vehicles and roadside infrastructures, mechanisms of traffic management, the price of anarchy in road networks and automated negotiation between vehicles.

The Long Road Ahead Seminar Series - Self-driving vehicles will bring capillary and irreversible transformations into the worlds of transportation, logistics and urban design. However, it is now clear that the development of this AI-based technology constitutes a long-term complex challenge: despite some impressive technological achievements and the boastful announcements often made by makers and entrepreneurs, autonomous vehicles are not roaming our roads yet and it is still unclear when they will eventually be mature enough to operate in ‘full’ or ‘semi’ autonomous mode. What is still needed to make this innovation real? What are the problems faced by developers and makers, and do these problems have a communal root? We will tackle these questions with the help of authoritative experts from academia, private sector, and public administration. Our seminar aims to identify and investigate with an integrative and interdisciplinary approach the fundamental problems faced by the sector.

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Meet the speaker

Dongmo Zhang

Dongmo Zhang

Dongmo Zhang is an Associate Professor in Computer Science and Associate Dean Graduate Studies in School of Computer, Data and Mathematical Sciences at Western Sydney University. He is a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence, working in a wide range of areas, including multi-agent systems, strategic reasoning, automated negotiation, belief revision, reasoning about action, auctions, trading agent design etc. He has published around 150 papers in international journals and conferences, including the top AI Journals, such as AIJ, AAMAS & JAIR, and the top AI conferences, such as IJCAI, AAAI & AAMAS.  He has been a chair, area chair, senior PC or PC for many top AI conferences, such as IJCAI, AAAI, ECAI, PRICAI, AJCAI, AAMAS, KR&R etc. He and his research team have also received several international awards, such champions of Trading Agent Competitions and best paper awards.