Executive Master of Strategy and Security

Duration: 3-months on campus, balance online

Location: Australian Defence Force Academy (Canberra)

This degree introduces government analysts and executives to the discipline of security studies for the purpose of analysing the traditional and non-traditional security environments of the Indo-Pacific. Graduates will have an enhanced understanding of the nexus of security, economic development, capacity and good governance. The policy oriented nature of the executive Masters in Strategy and Security appeals to agencies seeking to build the capacity and expertise of their staff while meeting the needs of the students by providing the necessary qualifications and skills for career advancement. The degree is also attractive because it provides a highly effective balance between on-campus (i.e. ‘in-country’ experience) and flexible on-line learning. Consequently, there are very substantial degree savings and time benefits for work and family.

On-campus Courses

  • Australia and Asia: Security, Collaboration and Competition (available every intake)
  • Strategic Rivalry between the Great Powers (subject to availability)
  • Strategic Issues in the Maritime Domain (subject to availability)
  • Transnational Crime, Terrorism, and Insurgency (subject to availability)
  • Governance, State Weakness, and Human Security in the Indo-Pacific (subject to availability)
  • Special Studies in Indo-Pacific Security (subject to availability)
  • Comparative National Security Policies in the Indo-Pacific (available every intake)

Places available: applications for Enrolment currently being considered for Semester 1 in 2017 (commencing 5 March) 
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