Executive Short Course (ESC) Information

"... the course was exceptional. The Director of Executive Education at UNSW, Dr. Chris Roberts, put together a slate of speakers unlike any I have been exposed to … I can honestly say that I feel like a better … US Army Field Grade officer as a result of my attendance at this course."

Places available: applications for Enrolment currently being considered for the 11-23 June 2017 course

Executive Short Course: National Security Challenges and Policies in the Indo-Pacific

Duration: 2 Weeks

Location: Australian Defence Force Academy (Canberra)

This ESC assesses the political and security environment of the Indo-Pacific. The course examines a comprehensive range of traditional and non-traditional security issues such as great power rivalry, territorial disputes, resource scarcity, state fragility, transnational crime, bio-security (e.g. pandemics), and the environment. The course will also seek comparative insights from across the Indo-Pacific about diplomatic approaches and best policy responses to an increasingly complicated and interdependent regional order. The course can be enrolled in graded or non-graded modes.  

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Executive Short Course: Asian Security, Diplomacy and Policy Approaches

Duration: 3 Months

Location: Australian Defence Force Academy (Canberra)

This ESC provides an in-depth ’90-day’ learning and engagement experience. The course content mirrors the on-campus component of the executive Master of Arts (Strategy and Security). Consequently, each intake will offer four of the following 12 week course modules: Australia and Asia: Security, Collaboration and Competition; Strategic Rivalry between the Great Powers; Strategic Issues in the Maritime Domain; Transnational Crime, Terrorism, and Insurgency; Governance, State Weakness, and Human Security in the Indo-Pacific; and Comparative National Security Challenges in the Indo-Pacific.  The course can be enrolled in graded or non-graded modes. 

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Executive Short Course: Introduction to National Security Challenge and Policies

Duration: 1 week

Location: Overseas or at the Australian Defence Force Academy (Canberra)

The ESC3, ‘Introduction to National Security Challenges and Policies’, is available for agencies from across the Indo-Pacific. This course is designed for government officials who do not have the time to undertake a Master’s degree but would like to acquire (through intensive delivery in-country or in Canberra) a succinct overview of the key lessons and concepts that are taught in the Masters in Strategy and Security, particularly the content from the two core courses. This ESC will be held based on Agency requests and can be provided at any location across the Indo-Pacific (subject to convenor availability).

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