Glenn Withers

Visiting Fellow
Visiting Professorial Fellow

Glenn Withers is a Visiting Professor of Economics at UNSW Canberra and an Honorary Professor at the Australian National University. Prior to that he was CEO of Universities Australia and Professor of Public Policy at ANU and the Australia and New Zealand School of Government. He is a Monash and Harvard graduate and has held academic posts in Australia and overseas including at Harvard and Cambridge. He is President of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and President of the Australian Council of Learned Academies..

He has produced a significant number of books, academic papers and government and consultancy reports. He has worked in and for government, including as chair of various Australian government bodies such as the National Population Council and the Economic Planning Advisory Commission, and he has chaired various public inquiries. Professor Withers helped to establish the Productivity Commission, the Crawford School, ANZSOG and Universities Australia. He has been an adviser to private sector and community sector organisations in Australia and overseas, ranging from the North West Shelf Consortium and the Business Council of Australia to the OECD and UNDP. Professor Withers was awarded an Order of Australia for services to applied economics, including for design of the Australian immigration points system.


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Journal articles
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