Deepening the public's understanding of Australian politics & reforming our political donations laws

Dr Lindy Edwards giving speech









Dr Lindy Edwards is a regular guest on the ABC television program The Drum and, in the recent past, has enjoyed a fortnightly slot on ABC Radio during which she discussed political ideology in Australian politics. She also makes YouTube videos on various related topics, some of which have boasted up to 30,000 views.
Edwards’ book, The Passion of Politics, and her ensuing media activity, has demonstrated there is an appetite to understand the deeper issues driving our politics, beyond the focus on short-term tactics and personalities that occupy so much of today’s political journalism.
“I also write op-eds for Fairfax newspapers, providing context around issues like the splits in the Liberal party, between the Liberals and the conservatives etc.,” she says.
“Our politics is underpinned by big ideas in political theory and political philosophy that are fascinating. These ideas are shaping our world in much more profound ways than people realise, but often academics write about them in inaccessible ways. I pride myself on being able to clearly explain very complex ideas, and why they matter."
Edwards’ most recent research on political donations has made a significant contribution to the push to reform political finance laws. Her research became the subject of the GetUp! ‘Dark Money’ campaign that received extensive media coverage.
She has appeared as an expert witness at Senate Committee enquiries, provided input to Four Corners investigations and been interviewed on radio, on stations ranging from Radio National, to JJJ and 2GB. When the Prime Minister announced the most recent round of reforms, ABC media coverage identified Edwards as an expert that had been calling for reform.