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Eleanor Hancock

Teachers and students in schools across Australia regularly benefit from the work that has been, and is being, conducted by Associate Professor Eleanor Hancock. Once a diplomat with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hancock is now a leading historian on the topic of Nazi Germany.

Having written three books, including Ernst Röhm: Hitler's SA Chief of Staff and Swastika over the Acropolis (with Associate Professor Craig Stockings), she has regularly been invited to address History Teachers Association ACT and History Teachers Association Australia, as well as several classes of history students.

“With the History Teachers Associations I tend to update them on the latest thinking on a particular area, so they can use that knowledge to inform their teaching,” Hancock says. “With students I tie what I’m telling them to work they’re doing at the time.”

“I still find the issues I engage with exciting, and I still feel I’ve got a lot more to discover. The great thing about being a historian is that you continually improve because experience means you always bring more to your analysis.”