Security implications of climate change

Dr Gavin Mount









Across all levels of the Defence sector, Dr Gavin Mount has long provided guest seminars as well as regular delivery of scholarly and policy-relevant knowledge exchange to those within Defence. On a long-term basis he has been deeply engaged with his core audience. 

“My main form of external engagement has been with the ADF, as the most relevant ‘industry’ sector for my field,” Mount says. “For over a decade, I have been very actively engaged with the Defence sector.”  

This began with a seven-year, intensively delivered elective program for the Australian Command and Staff College, from 2003 to 2011. In 2010, Mount received a Teaching Award for this work, in recognition of excellence in classroom education. He also provides an annual address to the senior commanders (CDSS) and the Junior Army Officers (RMC).  

For the last eight years Mount has delivered an annual lecture on environmental security and climate change to senior Defence personnel. For the last five years he has delivered a lecture to RMC cadets on strategic studies and contemporary security challenges.  

He is also the National Commissioning Editor (ACT) for Australian Outlook, the publication of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, and is the UNSW Representative for the ACT Branch of Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA).  

Active on LinkedIn and Twitter, Mount has been interviewed on ABC Radio and has had op-eds published by Fairfax Media publications.