Maritime Security

Current project

The Maritime Security Research Group draws together scholars interested in security within the maritime domain across disciplinary boundaries encompassing not only traditional hard security concerns, but also human security, maritime crime, and the blue economy. 

Maritime Security

We are seeking candidates to work on projects in the following areas:


The Rules-based Maritime Order and Strategic Competition

Projects might focus on one or a combination of: the role of international law and international legal argument in oceans governance and conflict; contested maritime claims and how states seek to consolidate them; or the dynamics of maritime conflict between rival powers.

Transnational Maritime Crime and Non-traditional Security Threats 

Projects could examine the implications of criminal, ‘grey zone’ or asymmetrical actors in the maritime domain, in fields such as smuggling, illegal fishing, or piracy and maritime militias.

Seapower in the Modern Age

Projects might consider the role of sea power in relation to one or more of technological change, diplomacy, and international law.

Examples of Current Projects

Ngoc Minh Nguyen

Supervisor(s) - Emeritus Professor Carlyle A. Thayer and Dr Pichamon Yeophantong

My PhD dissertation seeks to understand the ability of middle powers in mitigating the impact of great power transition in the Asia-Pacific. By analysing role conception of middle powers and their strategies to exercise agency amidst increased US-China competition, this research aims to produce updated insights about their stabilising role, identify the primary enablers and constraints of middle power collectivism and put forward recommendations to promote their role in regional politics.