High-bandwidth control for unmanned helicopters

Program Code: 

A/Prof Hemanshu Pota (h.pota@adfa.edu.au)

Description of Work: 


This PhD work is a part of the project to develop high bandwidth control methods and advanced dynamic modelling for Rotorcraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (RUAVs). This will enable new roles such as the precision landing of RUAVs to the moving deck of a ship in rough seas. This and numerous other potential RUAV tasks are presently limited by the simple controllers used for such a responsive dynamic system. Highbandwidth control will be achieved by: a) developing higher fidelity modelling of helicopter dynamics, b) application of non-linear control techniques with novel extensions, c) sensing critical but previously unmeasured states of the helicopter system, and d) flight test validation. The advances will expand RUAV uses in many military and civilian applications.

Description of Work:

  • Design on acceleration measurement control for disturbance rejection • Design of state feedback optimal H-infinity Controllers for unmanned helicopters
  • Implementation of the control algorithms on high fidelity simulation and special experimental test rig