ICT for development (ICT4D research); challenges of an ICT intervention an implementation in an unusual context

Program Code: 

Dr Ahmed Imran (a.imran@adfa.edu.au)

Description of Work: 


The objective of this research is to add to the body of knowledge on the complexity and challenges within the developing country context in order to design better information systems for specific contexts. The environment, culture and influence of politics and power will be explored and analysed in relation to information system intervention and implementation. Role of IT in development has different meaning. The study will have scope to explore its development potentiality and societal benefit, particularly in societies belong to the other side of the digital divide.

Description of Work:

  • Study of ICT for development, societal benefit and implications, diffusion and innovation theories, relevant Information system theories. understanding the culture and people in developing countries
  • Critical analysis and reflection of the case
  • Field work in developing country

Skills Required:

  • Qualitative study techniques, research skills, Information system fundamentals, knowledge and experience in developing country will be an advantage.