The Influence of Monsoons and the Southern Oscillation on Transport and Mixing in the Indonesian Seas

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Dr Robin Robertson (

Description of Work: 


  • Learn to use a prominent ocean circulation model
  • Improve transport simulations and estimates of mixing for the Indonesian Seas
  • Determine the links between the transport and mixing and monsoons and the Southern Oscillation

Description of Work:

Present estimates of the transport through the Indonesian Seas from simulations fail to correctly estimate the flow. Crude estimates of the tidal currents and mixing have been shown to improve these estimates. By incorporating mean currents into tidal simulations and simulating both the currents and the tides properly, further improvements will be gained. The student will perform simulations using a widelyused ocean model and investigate the dependence of the transport and mixing on the winds and conditions associated with monsoons and El Nino/La Nina. This work has important implications both regionally for climate in the Austral-Asian region and globally for the thermohaline circulation or global conveyor belt.