Integrated Metal-Composite Joint Design for the Filament Wound Transmission Shafts

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Adhesive bonding of high-loaded composite transmission shafts does not provide sufficient strength and stiffness. In order to create a highly rigid and efficient joint, it is necessary to search for fundamentally novel design and engineering solutions. The fastening should be designed in the way that the torque is transmitted from the metal fitting to the filament wound shaft through the reinforcing material, rather than a layer of the binder. This could be achieved by integrating the metal fitting into the composite material during the formation of the joint.

Description of Work:

  • Develop novel design solution for metal-composite joint with integrated metal fitting, using CAD technology
  • Perform finite-element parametric analysis and design optimisation
  • Prototype design and manufacture
  • Prototype testing


Prof Evgeny Morozov (; Mr Alan Fien (