Interconnected power systems and complex dynamic networks

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A/Prof Hemanshu Pota (

Description of Work: 


Analysis of complex dynamical networks has been used to predict synchronisation of nodes with similar dynamics and certain types of network configurations. Interconnected power systems form a complex dynamical network, but there is neither an apparent regularity in the interconnections nor do all the nodes have identical dynamics. Traditionally interconnected power systems are analysed using tools which penalise strong interconnections but the practical reality is that strong interconnections help in synchronising the system. Complex dynamical network analysis rewards strong interconnections so it is natural to analyse interconnected power systems in this framework. The PhD work will involve the analysis and control of power systems with large wind generators.

Description of Work:

  • Literature review of complex dynamical network analysis with irregular networks and non-identical nodes.
  • Modelling of power systems with large wind generation.
  • Design of controllers in the complex dynamical networks’ framework for synchronising nodes with non-identical generation nodes.