Public Sector Management

We explore the ways in which public services are delivered and the capabilities and knowledge required for the provision of those services. One particular research strength in this area is public sector human resource management, including performance management.

Economics and Econometrics

Our economics research focuses on issues related to fragile states and development, skills and skilled migration and labour market economics; it uses sophisticated statistical techniques to analyse economic data.

Asia-Pacific Security

We seek to understand the domestic, international and global factors that influence the region that stretches from South Asia, through Southeast Asia, to North Asia. We use the methods of political science, international relations and social inquiry to better inform policy debates. 

Climate Security

We investigate the projected impacts of climate change and variability on human security using social science and historical methodologies and we evaluate alternative governance and policy responses. 

Computational Science

We conduct numerically intensive research in areas ranging from bushfire propagation, sedimentation modelling, mesoscale cyclonic systems, theoretical studies of catalysis and gas-surface interaction, non-linear systems and number theory, to calculating supernova and antimatter production rates in the Galaxy. 

Geographical Science

Spanning the broad range of geographical contexts from land management, urban development, peri-urban agriculture, to theoretically-informed human and cultural geography. Research in this area covers contemporary issues in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the South Pacific. 

Physical Science

Our research spans chemical synthesis and molecular design, laser spectroscopy, and materials characterisation. With excellent experimental facilities available, studies are underway on magnetocaloric materials, optical storage, and supramolecular cages with pharmaceutical applications. 

Cyber Security

ACCS is a multidisciplinary UNSW centre in cyber security, which undertakes research into cybersecurity technologies focusing on cyber security for law, national security and Defence. 

Advanced Materials & Impact Dynamics

Using computational and experimental approaches we design and manufacture materials and structures and test their resilience to load and impact for a range of aerospace, civil, construction, marine and defence industry applications. 


We provide world-class expertise in quantum, stochastic and robust control theory and applications in nanotechnology, power systems and control of networked systems. 


We combine analytical, numerical and experimental expertise to investigate fundamental and applied high-speed flow phenomena and inform vehicle design and development. 

Decision Making and Complex Systems

We undertake research in a range of areas relevant to the delivery of capability systems: systems thinking, complex systems, system of systems, systems engineering, requirements engineering, and project management. 


We develop advanced modelling and efficient optimization and computational approaches to solve complex real-world design and decision-making problems. 

Trusted Autonomy

We break silos in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, data sciences, decision sciences, human-machine teaming, testing, and unmanned platforms to research and develop trusted autonomous systems. 

Quantum Engineering

We apply analytical and numerical techniques from quantum physics and optimisation to the design and development of quantum systems for sensing, computing, and communication. 


We employ a range of research strengths and capabilities including expertise in spacecraft design, assembly, integration and verification; autonomous control; sensor development; orbital tracking and communications and high-speed and low-density flows. 

Why choose UNSW Canberra for your Higher Degree Research Masters or Doctorate scholarship degree?

  1. 1

    Top World Ranking -The University is ranked 43rd in the 2019 QS World University Rankings.

  2. 2

    Research Leaders - For 2017, UNSW researchers won the highest amount of funding in Australia from the Australian Research Council (ARC).

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    Top Choice - UNSW graduates are  Australia’s  most employable graduates in 2017

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    Research Excellence - The 2018 Excellence in Research for Australia Report recognised UNSW in the Excellence in Research for Australia Report as "above or well above" world standard.

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    Opportunity - UNSW offers five scholarships to high performing students to undertake a PhD as part of the Defence Operations Research Network.

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