Climate Security

Contact: Dr Ned Dobos,


Academics working on climate security

  • John Connor: The relationship between climate drivers such as El Niño and international conflict
  • Anthony Burke: conceptual and ethical approaches to climate security; national and global solutions to climate change
  • Gavin Mount: Empirical project examining climate change and conflict risk datasets to examine the relationship between ethno-political vulnerability and environmental hazards (EVEH).
  • Shirley Scott: Climate Change and the UN Security Council - this project considers the scope for the Council to play a constructive role in the global governance of climate change
  • Minako Sakai: Natural disaster and community resilience in the Asia Pacific: civil society, social entrepreneurship, and gender. Co-editor of Disaster Relief in the Asia-Pacific (Routledge 2014).

Climate Security PhD projects

  • Lisa Idris (PhD) - The Role of Epistemic Communities, Development Agencies and Aid in Transboundary Environmental Cooperation in Southeast Asia

PhD candidates pursuing research in Climate Security will be supervised by world-leading experts, and will be embedded within a community of scholars pursuing ground breaking research in these areas. Each PhD student will be provided office space and an allowance to offset research expenses.

Fieldwork and conference trips will be covered by the University’s travel insurance policy, at no cost to the student. PhD candidates will also be offered training to strengthen their research skills, and English editing services where necessary. Regular discipline-specific seminars provide PhD students with an opportunity to present their work to experts in the field and to receive critical feedback.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences also hosts an annual Postgraduate workshop, which provides guidance to students on matters such as publishing, grant applications, and effective research communication.

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