Computational Science

Contact: Prof Harvi Sidhu,


Research projects

numerical simulation of binary star mergers and supernova detonations, Big Data methodologies applied to large-scale observational surveys.
(Warrick Lawson, Ivo Seitenzahl, Ashley Ruiter)

Theoretical Chemistry
classical and quantum chemistry, with medical applications such as protein–cell wall absorption, and quantum simulations of gas-surface interactions.
(Cliff Woodward, Terry Frankcombe)

Applied & Industrial Mathematics
bushfire & combustion physics, number theory with applications to cyber security & cryptography, mathematical biology/ecology including the spread of infectious disease, the study of non-linear dynamical systems.
(Harvi Sidhu, Jason Sharples, Tim Trudgian, Zlatko Jovanoski, Isaac Towers)

Coastal Impact
modelling of sea level rise due to climate change & land reclamation, sedimentation of ports & harbours, mesoscale atmospheric modelling of land falling tropical cyclones. PEMS hosts a node of the Sino-Australian Centre for Coastal Management (SARCCM), a joint venture with the Ocean University of China (OUC), Qingdao.
(Hua Wang, Liz Ritchie)

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