Cyber Security

Contact: Prof Greg Austin,

Cyber security is one of the newest specialisations in university research, building off roots laid a decade ago but transformed by revolutionary technologies and social threats that now emerge every few weeks.

This is one of the ultimate cross-disciplinary fields because it analyses socio-technical problems ranging from pure science in crypotography, mathematics and physics through to more applied work in electrical engineering and information technology to social science (human machine interaction, cyber-crime and cyber war).

Researchers from several schools in UNSW Canberra contribute to this work, especially in Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT) and Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS).

This is a growth area for UNSW, with new staff joining and graduate student numbers increasing, partly as a result of the establishment in 2014 of the Australian Centre for Cyber Security (ACCS).

We have the only university-based cyber range in Australia which is used for introductory training for Australian national security agencies and military personnel.

We have research leaders in several specialisations, including ethics, cyber war and peace, high performance computing and advanced cyber situational awareness.

ACCS sits at the hub of around 60 researchers in UNSW as a whole (Kensington and Canberra) working on some aspect of cyber security.

UNSW Canberra is fast becoming the "go to" centre for multidisciplinary research and more specialised investigation in discipline-based schools of the new challenges of security in cyber space.

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