Decision Making and Complex Systems

Contact: A/Prof Mike Ryan,


As projects and programs become more complex and interdependent, their success relies on understanding the sources of the complexity and exploiting opportunities through informed technical decision-making. This decision-making is supported by technical disciplines such as systems engineering, project management, capability management, and operations research and optimisation.

At UNSW Canberra, we have extended formal modelling and simulation to support decision making into all phases of the life cycle, in particular Conceptual Design, and whole of life cycle concept development, as they require a different approach since functions and resources are being modelled, not physical system elements.

Our principal focus is to address shortfalls in research of methodologies, tools and techniques for developing capability. We are the only national tertiary institution with an integrated defence focus and our researchers are global leaders in their fields supported by state-of-the art teaching and research facilities.

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