Contact: A/Prof Sean O’Byrne, s.obyrne@adfa.edu.au


The hypersonics group studies air flows for flight and planetary entry applications. It is a highly interdisciplinary branch of engineering, involving fluid mechanics, physics, chemistry, applied mathematics, measurement and computation.

Our group currently consists of four academics, three postdoctoral fellows and 11 graduate students. We have expertise in planetary entry flows, ignition and combustion in supersonic flows, fluid thermal structural interactions, flow visualisation and laser-based flow diagnostics.

We operate the T-ADFA hypersonic shock tunnel, a facility capable of operation up to Mach 12, combined with world-class laser diagnostics facilities, two shock tubes and a supersonic wind tunnel facility, allowing us to cover a broad range of high-speed flow configurations. Graduate students working in these areas will have access to these facilities for their research projects.

We have currently funded projects through the Commonwealth CRC-P industry research program, the Defence Science and Technology Group and the US Air Force, and collaborate with researchers from many major Universities in the US and Europe on research in all of the above research areas. 

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