Contact: Prof Tapabrata Ray, t.ray@adfa.edu.au 


Optimization is an integral part of design and decision making process. It is an indispensable tool to identify novel designs with extreme performance measures. The footprint of this technology can be seen in spacecrafts and components developed by NASA and JAXA, latest aircraft designs by leading companies like Boeing and Airbus, and the Shinkansen trains of Japan etc. With increased computing power and emergence of high-end analysis tools, development of efficient optimization methods will continue to be a key driver into the future.

The group working on optimization technologies and applications at UNSW Canberra is globally recognized for its contributions to the field of optimization. The diversity of expertise in the group offers the unique capability to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions across a range of problem domains, such as automobile, ship and spacecraft design, environmental engineering, renewable energy, resource constrained scheduling.

The group currently consists of 11 academics, 2 postdoctoral researchers and well over 10 research students. There are also a large number of international and local collaborators from leading universities and industries. In the past five years along, the group has secured grants well over $1.5 million from the Australian Research Council alone and produced over one hundred peer reviewed publications in premier outlets. A PhD with the group will provide a launch pad for developing theoretical and computational expertise to be competitive in subsequent endeavours. The HDR graduates from the group have gone on to build illustrious careers in academia as well as industry (e.g. GE, IBM, RedHat, Telstra). 

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