Public Sector Management

Contact: A/Prof Helen Dickinson,

Current research projects

  • Systematic review of implementation literature within the context of public management
  • Structural changes in the public sector – different types of machinery of government change processes and the factors that facilitation or inhibit their success
  • Management of disaster relief programmes
  • Evaluation of a programme to eliminate encrusted scabies in the Northern Territory
  • Evidence review of the meaning and concept of stewardship within the broad literature and implications for public management
  • Evidence review of tools for and effectiveness of consumer engagement in commissioning processes
  • Review of evidence around emergency material and financial aid programs and implications of best practice
  • Evidence review into boundary spanning and implications for effective management of these functions.
  • Identification of the approaches adopted by Australian Public Service in managing gender diversity and their effectiveness
  • We have a range of different projects that are investigating the effectiveness of the National Disability Insurance Scheme from a range of different perspectives.
  • We also have a range of different projects that are largely related to collaborative working in the context of public management.


  1. As governments around the world grapple with doing more for less within fast-changing contexts, the field of public management is a crucial resource. Public management is concerned with finding the most effective and efficient means within which governments can manage their finite resources. This field typically brings together insights from a number of disciplinary fields, all of which are concerned with the best means through which governments can be supported to design and deliver better public services for the good of their citizenry.
  2. Public management has long been an area of expertise within the School of Business, but in 2017 this was formally consolidated through the creation of the Public Service Research Group. The PSRG brings together academics from a range of different disciplines with an interest in public policy and public management and represents a significant new investment in these areas of study. The PSRG brings together over 20 academics with an interest in public service research around three major areas of research enquiry. Members of this group are recognized as international leaders within their areas of academic research and are also engaged with public service professionals across government, for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, with the aim of translating research into practice.
  3. The PSRG is fast developing a reputation for being at the cutting edge of the field of public management study. Links into a range of different public service organisations mean that our work is up-to-date and being tested within the ‘real world’ as well as within academic study. This vibrant and growing group is well-connected nationally and internationally and offers significant opportunities for early career researchers seeking to forge an academic path in the public management field.

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