Investigating the professional skills of early childhood workers - IRRG

The project, led by Professor Michael O’Donnell head of the Business School, UNSW Canberra brings together researchers who have been involved at various stages of the Spotlight Skills Identification methodology. Alison Barnes from Macquarie University and Anne Junor from the IRRC worked on the original service skill identification project for the NZ Department of Labour Pay and Employment Equity Unit.

Dr Celia Briar, formerly a senior project officer in the NZ Pay and Employment Equity Unit, subsequently worked as an IRRC Associate to build a Spotlight website on the use of Spotlight methodology in the first national Equal Pay case, and in the Building Professional Skills Project. Dr Nikola Balnave from Macquarie University, a research ethics expert, brings new insight to the study. It seeks to identify the skills required to perform the professional role of early years educator, particularly with the new emphasis on reflective practice.