Korean In Action: For International Learners, Book 2

The following textbook and exercise materials are freely provided to educators/teachers/students of Korean language. The authors reserve full rights of the contents. No part of this textbook and exercise book may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the authors.

Korean In Action: For International Learners, Book 2

by Gi-Hyun Shin & Adrian Buzo

The following twenty units have been used as main learning materials at the UNSW for its intermediate level Korean language courses (98 class contact hours spread over 26 weeks).

Textbook Units & Exercises

Unit 1: SHALL I GET YOU A JUICE? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 2: DON’T WAIT FOR US ? GO ON AHEAD (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 3: I INTEND TO BECOME A POLITICIAN. (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 4: BANMAL, THE INTIMATE LANGUAGE (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 5: HOW’S YOUR KOREAN GOING? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 6: FOLLOW THAT ROAD AND YOU’LL GET THERE. (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 7: LET’S PLAY Yut! (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 8: HOW DO YOU MAKE BULGOGI? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 9: THE WORLD OF NATURE (Texts) (Exercises)