Canberra Leganto Guide

Adding a Course Readings Lists to Moodle

1.   Email your course readings list to the library

To add a course readings list to Moodle, first email your list to the library’s Course Readings Team:

The Course Readings Team will add your list to the Leganto platform.
You will be notified via email when your list is processed.

2.   Open your course in Leganto

When you receive your email notification, it will include a permalink to your course in Leganto.
Click on this link to open your course.

3.   Copy links from Leganto

From Leganto, you have the option to copy:

      • an entire reading list;
      • a section; or
      • an individual item.

i.    To copy an entire reading list:

Select the ellipsis adjacent to the course name.

ii.    To copy a section:

Select the ellipsis adjacent to the section or week heading. This will copy all the readings under that heading. 

iii.   To copy an individual record:

Select the ellipsis adjacent to the title of the reading. 

A menu appears:

    • Select 'Copy LTI link'

    • Select 'Copy to Clipboard', then 'Close'.

4.   Paste your link into Moodle

  • Open Moodle
  • Turn editing on

  • Select the week or section relevant to the reading
  • Scroll to the bottom of the section, and choose 'Add an activity or resource'

A menu appears

  • Select 'External tool'

  • Click the 'Add' button

5.   Name your reading

  • In the 'Activity name' field, type the title of your reading or list.

n.b. if you would like to copy and paste a citation into this field, leave this step until last.

  • Go to 'Preconfigured tool' and choose 'Leganto Link' from the dropdown.

  • Select 'Show more...'.

  • Scroll down, and paste your Leganto link into the 'Custom parameters' field.

To enter a citation in the name field:

Scroll back up to the ‘Activity name’ field. Copy and paste your citation into the empty field.
The citation will appear as a link on your Moodle page.

  • Click 'Save and return to course'.

Need help?

For more information about course reading lists at UNSW Canberra, see Course Readings.

For assistance with course reading lists, contact the Course Readings Team via

For Moodle support, contact the Technology Enhanced Learning Support group via