Library Computers & Technology

On-site Technology

The Academy Library has a wide range of technology available for UNSW Canberra students and staff to use, including: 

  • Laptop computers
  • Desktop computers
  • Multifunction printers 
  • AV viewing stations 
  • Microform reader

Laptop computers

UNSW students can borrow laptops for up to 4 hours at a time. To borrow a laptop, please see staff at the Library Service Desk.

You will need to familiarise yourself with the laptop loans terms and conditions before borrowing a laptop. You must return laptops during Academy Library opening hours to avoid fines. For more information, please talk with library staff at the Service Desk or use our Ask Us Service.

Desktop computers

Computers are available on a first come, first served basis. They are not normally able to be reserved by individuals. Library staff may however reserve groups of computers for training sessions. Any computers unattended for more than 15 minutes may be logged off by library staff and made available for other users.

Time limits don’t apply unless there is high demand for computers. Clients may be asked to make computers available within 10 minutes if their activities are not course-related (e.g. gaming).


All the multi-purpose computers in the library are loaded with software that is available at any computer lab on campus.   
No additional software or plug-ins may be installed on the computers. 

Saving Work

Files may be saved to your home drive or to your own portable USB drive or external HD. If you send your assignment to yourself by email, please make sure it is also saved to your H:drive. Click on SAVE rather than OPEN when you are prompted to download the attached file, otherwise you may lose your document. We recommend that you save work regularly during each session, to avoid losing your work.


UNSW Students and Staff

On campus Wi-Fi services are available for UNSW Canberra students and staff in the Library – more information on UNSW Canberra Wireless Networks can be found here.

Guests and Visitors

ICTS is currently undertaking a trial of a new Wi-Fi service across campus for visitors and guests. This wireless network is called "UNSW Canberra Guest" and is available within ICTS, Building 1, the Cafe and Library.

Connecting to this network requires visitors and guests to register their name and e-mail address.  An authentication message is then sent to the nominated e-mail containing a link which grants access to “UNSW Canberra Guest” for 24 hours.  After this time period re-registration is required.  This time period will be extended when the service is available more broadly.

Please note, the “UNSW Canberra Guest” Wi-Fi is not intended for anyone with an existing Z account as it does not permit access to UNSW internal systems.  The Eduroam Wi-Fi network should be continued to be used in this case.