Library Conditions of Use


  1. Purpose
  2. Authorised users
  3. Access to facilities and services
  4. Conditions of use of library resources
  5. Conduct

1. Purpose

UNSW Canberra Library facilities, study spaces and resources are provided to support the educational, research and administrative activities of the University. These conditions of use are intended to ensure equitable access for all Library users.

2. Authorised users

  1. All members of staff and all students of The University of New South Wales are registered users.

  2. Defence staff working at ADFA and UNSW Alumni.

  3. Other people may be registered as UNSW Academy Library users under conditions determined by the UNSW Canberra Librarian.

3. Access to facilities and services

  1. All authorised users and visitors to the campus have access to designated public areas within the Library building and to the facilities and collections in these public areas. Access may be restricted to authorised users at particular times or dates. Booking of particular spaces may be limited to certain user groups.

  2. Access to and use of Special Collections materials must also comply with the Special Collections Access and Use Policy.

  3. Authorised users defined in Section 2 a. have access to the Library's subscribed electronic resources. Authorised users defined in Section 2 b. have access to some Library's subscribed electronic resources. Electronic resources are not available to authorised users defined in Section 2 c..

  4. Authorised users and visitors may be asked to show relevant identification when using library facilities and may be required to authenticate themselves before using library electronic resources.

  5. Use of other users' accounts, or attempting to gain access to library resources under false pretences is prohibited. Authorised users and visitors are also prohibited from helping unauthorised users gain access to resources.

  6. UNSW Canberra Library facilities may not be used for commercial purposes.

4. Conditions of use of library resources

  1. Borrowing information, loan periods and penalties for overdue items are specified on the Library website. It is the responsibility of authorised users to familiarise themselves with all borrowing information on the Library website and adhere to loan periods and conditions.

  2. Library computers are provided for authorised users and visitors for use of library and course-related resources. Users of library computers must comply with the following University policies and procedures:

  3. Library users and visitors must observe the Copyright Act 1968 provisions and regulations at all times when accessing library resources both on and off campus. Most of the electronic resources provided by UNSW are subject to licence agreements and copyright restrictions. Individual users are personally responsible for ensuring their use of these resources complies with all relevant legislation and agreements.

  4. Personal belongings may not be left unattended in the Library. Lockers are available free of charge in the cloakroom of the Library for day use only. Any unattended items may be removed. Details are outlined in the UNSW Canberra Library Lost Property policy.

5. Conduct

  1. Library users, staff and visitors must respect each other at all times and not participate in behaviour or conduct likely to interfere with the comfort or convenience of others, in accordance with the UNSW Code of Conduct and Student Conduct Policy.

  2. The Library aims to be a safe and healthy environment, conducive to study for all users.

    • Smoking is not permitted in the Library
    • Drinking (bottles or cups with lids) is permitted throughout the Library
    • No consumption of any food is permitted
    • No alcohol, hot food, meals or odorous foods may be brought into the Library
    • Mobile phones are permitted, provided the ring tone is set to silent

  3. The University reserves the right to check bags, folders or other belongings of library members and visitors.

  4. Displaying posters and notices is allowed in designated areas of the Library at the discretion of the UNSW Canberra Librarian. Prior authorisation must be obtained.

  5. Photography and filming requires prior authorisation from the UNSW Canberra Librarian.

  6. Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

Serious or repeated infringements of conditions will be referred to the appropriate UNSW Canberra and/or ADFA Defence executive. Offences may be referred to UNSW Canberra Security or ACT Police who may take further action.

Policy date: January 2016
Authorising officer: UNSW Canberra Librarian