75th Anniversary Nagasaki Bomb


…the flash of this amazing weapon blotted out the sun’s existence.... It gave one the impression of being dangled in hell…. A little later, …colours appeared that I have never seen before; …green merging into purple and gold and reappearing as blue, …only to disappear and reappear as blood-red.” Extract from a POW’s eyewitness account of the dropping of the bomb on Nagasaki, 9 August, 1945.

To see the full account of this historic event and many other important primary source documents on a broad range of topics from military history, leadership and tactics, through security and intelligence, international relations and colonialism to politics and protest, search the British Online Archives via the Academy Library website. (For the above quoted material, see Weekly Naval Intelligence Summaries, 1940-1945, no. 294, 2 Nov 1945, ADM 223/168.)