Master of Security and Defence Management (8573)

The Master of Security and Defence Management is designed for postgraduate scholars and public policy professionals who wish to gain a more detailed understanding of the factors shaping the contemporary strategic and security environment, the complex policy challenges they present, and the skills and insights required of astute managers in this dynamic context.

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Security courses:
ZHSS8403 Global Security (6 UOC)
ZHSS8404 Leg & Mor Prob of Int Violence (6 UOC)
ZHSS8409 Asia-Pacific Security (6 UOC)

ZHSS8410 Australian Defence Policy (6 UOC)

ZHSS8416 Seeking the Info Edge (6 UOC)

ZHSS8417 Air Power in the 21st Century (6 UOC)

ZHSS8430 China's Security Policy (6 UOC)

ZHSS8431 Comparative Defence Planning (6 UOC)

ZHSS8435 Contemporary Strategy (6 UOC)

ZHSS8437 Global Justice (6 UOC)

ZHSS8438 The Justice of War (6 UOC)

ZHSS8439 Reforming Repressive Regimes (6 UOC)

ZHSS8440 Delinquent Organisations (6 UOC)

ZHSS8441 Cyber-Security (6 UOC)

ZHSS8442 Conflict Transformation (6 UOC)

ZHSS8452 Weapons of Mass Destruction (6 UOC)

ZHSS8453 Culture and Conflict (6 UOC)

ZHSS8460 Power and Aust Gov Policy (6 UOC)

Management courses:

ZBUS8101 Strategic Management (6 UOC)

ZBUS8102 Organisational Behaviour (6 UOC)

ZBUS8103 Strategic Human Resources (6 UOC)

ZBUS8108 Accounting & Financial Mgt (6 UOC)

ZBUS8109 Business Law (6 UOC)

ZBUS8201 Leadership (6 UOC)

ZBUS8205 Business Ethics (6 UOC)

ZBUS8207 Managing in the Public Sector (6 UOC)

ZBUS8302 Logistics Management (6 UOC)

ZBUS8303 Strat Procurement Outsourcing (6 UOC)

ZBUS8309 Projects in the Public Sector (6 UOC)

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