Master of War Studies (8571)

The Master of War Studies is an interdisciplinary study program focused on war and its effects. The program is built around a central core of subjects in Military History with additional options addressing topics in strategy, international relations, security and literature. The program is of strong professional relevance to members of the Australian Defence Force and other military personnel, as well as members of the broader defence community. The program’s offerings in Military History also make it very well suited for history teachers and others with a particular interest in Military History. The program is also designed to meet the needs of Postgraduate scholars from a range of disciplines who have an interest in armed conflict.

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Core Courses:

ZHSS8204 Mod Naval Hist & Strat (6 UOC)

ZHSS8220 Fighting the Second World War (6 UOC)

ZHSS8221 Development of the Art of War (6 UOC)

ZHSS8223 The First World War (6 UOC)

ZHSS8224 Small Wars of Empire (6 UOC)

ZHSS8225 Australian Military History (6 UOC)

ZHSS8417 Air Power in the 21st Century (6 UOC)

ZHSS8435 Contemporary Strategy (6 UOC)

Elective Courses: 

ZHSS8002 Social Research Methods (6 UOC)

ZHSS8102 American Empire (6 UOC)

ZHSS8106 War and Memory (6 UOC)

ZHSS8125 Strategic Communication (6 UOC)

ZHSS8210 Genocide (6 UOC)

ZHSS8217 Amphibious Warfare (6 UOC)

ZHSS8218 Hegemony: Global Power in Hist (6 UOC)

ZHSS8219 The Great Game (6 UOC)

ZHSS8222 The European Warfare State (6 UOC)

ZHSS8226 The Vietnam Wars (6 UOC)

ZHSS8227 Civil Wars (6 UOC)

ZHSS8229 The Spanish Civil War (6 UOC)

ZHSS8404 Leg & Mor Prob of Int Violence (6 UOC)

ZHSS8416 Seeking the Info Edge (6 UOC)

ZHSS8438 The Justice of War (6 UOC)

ZHSS8452 Weapons of Mass Destruction (6 UOC)

ZHSS8456 Australian Cyber Forces (6 UOC)

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